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If you are interested in learning more about my current and past career activities, look no further!

About Dr. Bailey Hanek

I earned my doctorate in psychology from William James College (formerly Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology) in 2015. During that time, I trained in a variety of behavioral health settings, providing individual, couple, and family therapy, as well as testing services. My graduate career culminated with my dissertation, which focused on the ethical implementation of sexually explicit media in sex therapy. My post-doctorate work, providing psychological and neuropsychological testing for children and adults, culminated in 2016, when I completed my licensure.


Since earning my licensure, I have provided psychological services to adults in private practice settings. My own practice has been thriving since 2017. Additionally, I completed the Sexual Health Program at the University of Michigan, as well as advanced clinical training in sex therapy. I have been a member of AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists) since 2017, and I have been certified as an AASECT sex therapist since the spring of 2021.

Currently, I provide sex therapy and general psychotherapy to adults in my private practice. In addition, I work a colleague to increase access to information about relationship and sexual health through my founding role in The Relationship Coaches, which will be publishing a manual in 2024. Lastly, I also serve as a consultant for the Between Us Clinic, an online sex therapy clinic. 

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