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Currently provided in-person and virtually

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I provide psychotherapy for adults struggling with a wide range of issues. Navigating the complexities of life while bearing the suffering and joy that accompany it challenge us all. Healing is a process of understanding and honoring the ways that we have learned to navigate the world, letting go of those ways which no longer serve us, and developing more adaptive responses that suit our present needs. Because of the need to address each person's individual needs, I tailor my approach to such healing, incorporating a variety of psychodynamic, humanistic, and skills-based techniques.

Sex Therapy

In addition to general psychotherapy, I work with individuals, couples, and folks in other relationship structures who are struggling with issues of sex and sexuality. Healthy sexuality is a vital component of well-being, and I help each person explore what healthy sexuality may mean for them. I maintain an inclusive and affirming stance, and I work with individuals and partners across the spectrums of gender and sexuality.


My consultation services are aimed at mental health providers who are looking for some support around talking to clients about issues of sex and sexuality. I work with folks who are hoping to infuse curiosity around sexuality into their general approach with clients. I also provide support for providers who would like to increase their confidence and competence when specific issues of sex and sexuality become relevant to an ongoing case.

Relationship Coaching

I, in collaboration with couples therapist Dr. Isabelle Morley, have developed a relationship coaching program for partners who are interested in focused, short-term, and skills-based work to strengthen their romantic and sexual relationships. In this program, partners will learn to interact adaptively and constructively when addressing conflict, emotional topics, and sexual needs/interests that arise in their relationship. Partners will strengthen their abilities to communicate effectively and support one another through insight, education, and practice. 

Relationship coaching can be beneficial to partners in many stages of relationship, especially during periods of transition. This program is intended for partners who may experience the following:

  • painful, recurring patterns of interaction/discussions 

  • difficulty resolving conflicts and disagreements

  • desire discrepancy

  • changes in/difficulty with sexual functioning (e.g. maintaining arousal, experiencing orgasm, etc.)​ or satisfaction

  • openness to sexual exploration/ethical nonmonogamy


My Approach
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